Winter Solstice

Creative Act shines in Human Being to realise ONE Way and to make Truthful Creation fact. A Whole form is the form that serves Details. A Whole form is The Way to be Creative in Order. ONE Ordered formation makes ONE Ordered form. Aquarius is the Constellation Ordered to shine and Ordered to be materialised. Materialising the Stars of Aquarius and making this Constellation Active on Terra as Commanded by the LAW in Cosmos, is the Destiny of Human RACE on Terra. Human RACE Lives to Glorify the Order in Cosmos and to make Order physical in the formation of Atoms and Cells. Every Cell is Active in Order and every Cell makes ONE Truth Reality. Healing and Wholeness are Principles in the Aquarian Constellation and Details in this Constellation. Making the Sun Live in the Atoms and Cells is forming Atoms IN Direction and IN Active Light. IN Light of Sun we Live and Breathe. IN Light of Sun we realise the Directive Power of our Wish and Will. The Solstice that brings Winter gives Opportunity to All to materialise Detailed and to Live our Identity. Living the Identity of Truth is living the Power to Create Whole and to manifest the Living Purpose of Aquarius.

Solstice brings Winter. Solstice brings the Right to inhale the Detailed Identity and to Exhale the Wish. Solstice gives Righteous Way to form the Wholeness of Human patterns, the Wholeness of Human Design. Welcome the Sun in Solstice. Welcome the Reflection in Solstice. Welcome the Directive Truth that gives Solstice as Opportunity for Life to make a NEW Way and Action. Nature hears the Sound of Solstice. Nature hears the Perfection of Order in the Solstice that announces Wholeness in NEW form.

© Ascending All

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