Winter Solstice – Mother Terra

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During a trip to Greece to visit the archeological site of Delphi, we celebrated the Winter Solstice. We were standing close to the Well in Delphi.


We are gathered in the Wishing Well. We are gathered in the Wishing Well to Unite Flames. We are gathered to bring forth the NEW Direction that comes with the Sun. We are gathered to Pray for Life and gathered to bring Motion to All Life. In our Union and in our gathering we give Praise to Mother Terra. We give Praise to her CORE, to her Rising Flame. And when we give Praise we are the Voice of Humanity that chooses to Ignite Terra by the Power of the Sunlight, by the Power of the Sun Direction.

When Igniting the CORE of Terra to be the Expression of her Truthful Mantle, to be the Expression of her Destined Wish, we are gathered to give Voice to Humanity. We are gathered to give Voice to Mother Earth. We are gathered to give Voice to the Power of Sun, to the Reflection of Moon. United as ONE we Celebrate that Future is here in the Spring of Hope, that Future is Present within the Motion of Well. In the Well our Wishes are Blessed. In the Well our Inner is Moving. And in the Motion of Well we are touched in our Promise, in our Gift as Humanity. We may come forth as Human Beings to Express the Glory, Power and Beauty of Nature.

The Beauty of the Elements and Elementals can be shown in the Direction of Sun, can be shown in the Truthful Constellation of the Aquarian Age. So we are gathered in Cosmos, gathered in the Constellation of Aquarius to bring forth the Formation of Stars upon Terra, upon Earth. We may create here below what is above. We may create what is seen in the Vision of Elohim. We may create that what is seen and given in the Prayer of the Virgin.

Welcome Terra. Welcome Mother Earth. Welcome the Wish in Humanity. Welcome All this in the gathering of this moment, the gathering of the Power of Solstice. Because in this moment is the Truthful Power that Shines in Cosmos and that gives its Foundation to Life. Upon this Foundation we will build, we will Create. Upon this Foundation All Elements of Nature will Rise and will give an Expression. An Expression that will Manifest the Face of GOD, your Faces, Detailed Faces. All these are Wishes in the Wishing Well.

Hear the Voice of Angels. Hear the Voice of Nature and listen to the Power of Elohim, listen to the Power of Mother Earth. All is gathered in this Moment to be the Reality of the Sanctuary, to be  the Promise of Terra. ONE Planet in Cosmos United with All others.

Breathe the Wind, feel the Fire of Wish within yourself. Realise the Motion of Well within you and Manifest Earth as a Promised Terra, as Paradise. Because the Promise of All Wishes United, of All Details United, of All Life United, is the Promise of Paradise. Come forth from the Darkness and step into the Light of the Sun. Receive the Direction that is given to ALL, to Manifest ONE Way, to Manifest ONE Life. To give Glory to ONE Light, it is the Light and the Tone of Aquarius that may Reign in this World. That may Reign your Life and your Wish. Come forth thus in the Light of the Sun which is Reflected by Moon. In their Union and Oneness your Life is Blessed and will Form as the Bliss of Nature.

Welcome Sunlight. Welcome Moonlight. Welcome Well, the Wellness for Humanity. In Earth, in Mother Earth.

All is Silent to listen to the Tone of Solstice. All is Silent to Receive the Light of Sun. All Obeys and All Honour the ONE LAW that is given, the ONE LAW that Activates CORE of Terra.

May we Pray in our United Hearts. May we Pray in the Beat of this Heart to come forth as the Religion of the Origin, to come forth as the Bliss that Lives in every Body. We give Praise to Nature, to Mother, to the Light of Sun and Moon. We give Praise and we Celebrate that there are Kumaras and Elohim who have given to the Origin of this Planet, to the Origin of our Life. Your Wish is your Origin. Recognize this very Detail within yourself. Awaken in the Power of this Detail. Awaken in the Promise that is given to ALL.

© Ascending All

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