Will to make Free

Future is Active in the Brilliant Truth of Will in RACE. This Will is Active in the Power of Truth that is given by Emerald Design, by Emerald Order. In the Order of Emerald is way to Live Creative and to Live Detailed. The Path of Human RACE to fulfil the Aquarian Destiny and to make All of Life MORE is the Path of Willingness. To Free the Will of humankind is to Free the Activity of humankind. To Awaken in what Human RACE is Active in. What does this mean?

It means to see what is not Active. It means to experience what is not Active. Because when the Motion of Cosmos becomes more Powerful and urges all Atoms and Cells to come along, everything that does not move is felt. And seen. With our Wish to Liberate the Will in Human RACE, we touch the CORE of RACE. IN RACE is Order. Order from the Origin. This Order is Activated in the choice to Live and is Activated by the Aquarian Order that Calls upon Human Being its Original Wish and Purpose to be Active and to Live.

The Living NEW is form that Lives in the Will to be Aquarian and in the Will to create Aquarius. Being Willing to be Human is Being Willing to be Creative and to be response able within this Creative Power. The Ability to respond as Detail to the CORE of RACE and to the CORE of Terra, is the Ability to make All Life NEW. To create the Living NEW as Creation, as Action, as choices. Will in RACE is Free in the Motion of Cosmos, Free in the Right and Order of Aquarius.

© Ascending All

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