Will to form Ascension

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Life is the Giver of change and of NEW. Realising the chances of Freedom in the Will of Humanity to create and to make way. Way is Full of the Power to Create, the Will to realise Future and the Willingness to Activate all of Life. The True Gift of Life is the fact that it is Ascension, the Ascension of All Details and particles Aligned with the Wishing Well of Human RACE. The Promise in RACE is the fact that RACE Lives upon Terra and is Nurtured in her Light and Right. Terra makes the Details of Humanity visible in Reflection of CORE, the Reflection that shows the Activity of Life in its Original Intent. The Way for Life to unroll itself and to manifest itself in the Promised Right of Creative Action, is Way in which Human RACE Creates and forms.

Life is as she is created. Life can always be MORE in the Promised Action of a Detail, in the Motion of Direction and Reflection. Life can always be MORE in the Right to Grow and to manifest Design of the Original Intent. But this MORE needs to be created in the Hand of Human RACE, in the Hand and Wish of a Detailed Human Being choosing to realise Opportunity and to be Free in Action. Freedom of Action is the Free Gift of the Wish and Promise in a Human Being. The Free Reign of one’s Dream resonating with the Principles of this Age. ONE Way is Powerful and Active, ONE Way is the Way of CORE. It is CORE of Terra and the CORE of Human RACE or Human Being. CORE of the Willingness to serve Life in the Reality of the Ascending Motion.

Ascension is possible, for All. It is possible in the Action of Human Being, in the Act that defines the choice to Live, to create and to be seen in the Eyes of GOD. Creating from CORE, from Origin, will show the Details to GOD and will show GOD to the Deity in Human RACE. Which means Human Being will see itself and will face GOD. Because GOD is Human and Humanity. GOD is the Giver in Willingness and in Life that Blossoms and makes change Real.

© Ascending All

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