Will in Motion of Cosmos

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Living in Order of Cosmic Precision and Motion, is Living to realise the Expression of ONE Way and Destiny. In Cosmic Order is Way to make All of Life NEW and Ascending. Truth of Being IN Teaching and IN Order is Truth of Expressing the Power of GOD. This Power is Will in the Light of Cosmos, Will in Motion of Order. Learning to Express the Detailed ONE within the Order of White Fire, is Learning to realise the Self Expression of the Beginning of your Life. Life has begun in your Breath, in the Rhythm of Cosmic Motion and in the Power of GOD’s Will. You chose to be born, you chose to Breathe. Your Will Activates Light in you and paves the Path to walk.

Being able to Honour the INNER Motion, which is Aligned with the Motion of Cosmos, is the Opportunity to develop and Grow in Truth of Order. Ordered Growth is Growth in which All of Life becomes MORE. The Encouragement of Motion in Cosmos, of Direction in Cosmic Motion, makes every Detailed Wish Express itself in the Will of GOD. GODs Will is the Ordered Will of Human Being. A Will that Lives in the Connection with White Fire Order, the Connection with CORE. CORE of Human Being is the CORE that Pulsates in the Rhythm of Cosmic Harmony. This Pulse is the Harmony of Cosmos that makes planets Align and focus upon ONE Sun. In Harmony the ONE Motion of Cosmos is possible.

Ordered Will of Human Being Honours CORE, Honours the existence of All Life. It is the Will that is Powerful and Loving, Honourable. It Honours the Right of Nature to Express itself as Human Being and to make an Ordered and Truthful Creation. Nature Elements respond to the Gift of Will, to the Ordered use of Will. Will IN Right is Will in the Active Reality of ONE Way and Destiny. Forming the Destiny of Terra, of your self and of All of Cosmos is the Truth of Being Human. The Truth of Learning to apply your Creative Wish and Ability in Order. Learn to Honour the Light of Nature IN Sun and Moon and make the Way of Human RACE an Ordered ONE.

© Ascending All

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