Will in Gratitude

In the Vision for Aquarius, Life is seen as Harmonious Expression of Details. In the Vision given by the Power of Elohim, the Light to be Harmonious is Active. Vision of Elohim is a given, which means Light is given to form into Life. Aquarius can be created because of a Vision and Destiny. IN Vision the Destiny is seen. And Destiny realises Vision, gives Motion to Vision. This is needed to be able to materialise the Vision given for the Age of Aquarius. A Vision for an Age Lives in the Order of Cosmos. Order is the base in which a Vision can be realised as Blossoming Reality of this Vision. What is seen, can be created, formed. Forming the Path of the Aquarian Promise is forming the Right of Creativity in Human RACE. Because Vision for the NEW Age is given for Human RACE, to Human RACE. To be able to create the Age in the Creative Ability of Being Human. Being Human means to be Creative as GOD, to be Creative in the Detailed Actions of Human Being.

In Aquarius every Human Being is a Detailed Identity, serving the Right to create by serving the Wholeness of Life. Receiving the Light IN Vision that comes from Elohim, is making the Right to Create Reality. From the Light that is received, the Creative Power can be Active to form Life in the Ordered Motion of Cosmos. Vision is formed when Order is Honoured or Obeyed. Obedience of Humanity is moving with the Motion of Cosmic Order and serving this Order in the Detailed Creative Actions. Every Act IN Creativity given is an Act of Will. And this forms Life. To realise the Destiny of Aquarius, Will must be Freely given. When Will is Freely given as a Creative Act, Destiny of Aquarius is formed and Free Creation comes to pass. A Creation that is Free moves in the Order of Cosmos, Lives in the Reality of Sun Direction.

Creation that moves Freely with the Order and Motion of Cosmos, is Whole and realises Healing. Creation in Motion is Active and shows the Details in Motion, Details that Act in the Human Identity and Will. Will In Human RACE is Free to Express Detailed Actions, to Express Wish in Humanity and to form this Wish as the Dream or Destiny of the Aquarian Age. To realise Will IN Freedom it is of the utmost importance to recognise Order of Cosmos, the Order for Life here on Terra. To give Will Wise, Powerful and Loving, the Ordered Right of Creativity may be seen and experienced in Gratitude. IN Gratitude, Will is the merciful Act for all of Life.

© Ascending All

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