Will in Fire

Fire Lives to generate Light and to make a Welcome for All Living creatures. Fire is Active to realise NEW and to bring forth the Will of Human RACE. Fire encourages Will, supports Will and gives Motion to the Will to Create. The Will to serve All in the Creative Power is the Will to make All Equal and to realise the form of Equality which IS Equilibrium. In The Way to Create is The Way of Love, The Way to Express the Golden Details of Being Human. Every Detail is a Wish and an Action. Every Detail is the fulfilment of a given Way in which All of Life Blossoms.

Generating Light IN Fire is Generating Light for All Elements to Live United and to be a United form. Forming united is forming the Living Essentials of Eternity. These Essentials are Activated in the Aquarian Principles and Directed to BE within the Aquarian Sun Light. Ray by Ray touches the NEW way that opens herself in the Wish to be Alive. Ruby Wishes to be Alive, Ruby Wishes to come forth in the Action of Human Creativity. Every Creation made in the Wishful Will of Human RACE is a Creation that shows the Original Fire of Wish. The Fire that makes will MORE.

MORE of Will is Sealed in LAW of Aquarius. MORE of Will is the form that is created to give Life a Way and Destiny. Sealing of LAW gives Right to the Expression of Detail and realises Eternal Love as Way for All of Humanity.

© Ascending All

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