Will in Aquarian Tone

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Life is Active to give Light its Way. To bring forth the Light of Aquarius in the Righteous manifestation. The Promise of Life is to be MORE in the Multiplied Truth of Ordered White Fire and in the Resonance of Tone. Aquarius Sounds with the Tone of Perfection and with the Clear Beauty of Harmony. The Harmonious Sound of Aquarian Tone is a Gift to Nature and to Human RACE. It realises the Order of Atoms and Cells and Activates the Living Truth of the Ancient Keynote for Life.

Light is to be formed into Life and this is possible in the Harmonious interaction of Nature and Humanity, of Direction and Reflection. The interaction of Human RACE and the Tone of Aquarius requires the Enlightenment of Consciousness and Awareness and the Rooted State in CORE. From CORE the Tone is given and the Tone Sounds in the Active Right of Creative Wish. Wish is Authorised to form, to create Life. Wish is Authorised in Will. For Will to be Active in the Rooted State and in the Light of Consciousness and Awareness, Will needs to be seen by the Nature of Humanity. Will needs to Align with the resonance of the Aquarian Tone.

In Tone is The Way for Future, IN Tone is the Right of Creative Path and the Order for NEW Life. Tone of Aquarius Sounds in the Atomsphere of Terra to touch Humanity in the Promise of Aquarius and in the Promise of Righteous Living.

© Ascending All

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