Welcome the Power of Awakening

In the rising of the Light of Aquarius and in the deepening of the Sound of this Age, we gather and we choose to realise ONE Creation in the Direction of Sun. Moon Reflects the Direction of Sun Light and shows the Right to be Creative in the Power of Origin. Creative Power is Active in Communion with Origin, in Communion with the Principles of the Aquarian Age. Human RACE Creates the Blossoming Truth of Details, within the Principles and LAW of Aquarius. To be able to see and to be able to be Aware of Origin, Awakening is asked for. Awakening is called upon. Therefore we raise the Flame of Awakening in Creation, in form. We raise this Flame to Empower the physical reality of Human Life to Awaken in the Righteousness of Life.

November gives Right to the Flame of Awakening to Shine, to be Present and to Activate Cells and Atoms within the Awakening. Which means Material Truth may start to Erect in the physical circumstances and form made in Human Hand. The Power of Creativity Honours the Origin. This Power may Awaken in RACE and may become more and more Aware. When the Atoms are IN Awakening Active, they can align in the Principles of Aquarius and they can come forth in the Right to BE Awake. Human RACE is touched through the physical in the fact that Creativity can be an Awake Act. An Awake Detail IN RACE.

Every form made in the Hand of Human RACE is Created within the Destiny of the given Age. Aquarius Lives in the Destined Way of HOPE and is able to realise the form of HOPE. Atoms IN Awakening are able to BE HOPE and Will Radiate HOPE to other Atoms, to Life. The Beginning of HOPE is NOW. The Awake Truth in Human RACE may rise in the Creative Ability, in the Detail of RACE. Welcome the Right of November to give Awakening a place in Creation. Welcome the Power of Awakening to come forth in form as Detailed Shape in Sun Light.

© Ascending All

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