Welcome October

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ONE Way is Way of Acceleration, Ascension and MORE. ONE Way is the Future and the Way of Living Eternity. To come forth in The Right of Eternity and to make Bliss of Nature Reality, October gives her Right and Beauty. In her Right she shows Equality IN Nature and with Nature to Human RACE. She shows the Principles of Nature in the Activity of Emerald Design and in the Willingness of Human Being to serve and to Honour the Light. Wishful Heart in RACE is heard in Nature Elements, heard to come forth in the Gift of Eternal Life. Bringing forth the Harmonious Right to Create, makes Life Equal in Tone and Equal in Expression.

ONE Way is the Way of White Fire Order that is Multiplied in Perfection. The Perfect Way is IN Equality, IN the Harmony of ONE Tone. Aquarian Tone Reigns and Sings. Aquarius is the Tone that Sounds for Water, Fire, Air and Earth. We may bring Nature HOME. We may bring Truthful Light into the Elements so they can Blossom in Spring as the Truthful Expression and Dream of ONE RACE in GOD’s Glory.

Welcome October, Welcome Way in Nature’s Right.

© Ascending All

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