We create Future

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Wondering what future will be? Realising that you create this yourself?

Future is not a concept. It is Reality, it is your tomorrow. Future is the next day and even the next minute. It is Life that moves forward, Directed by the Power of Will in Humanity. What do we want as Humanity? What is our Goal and Purpose. Do we realise we have a Destiny that may be fulfilled by our actions?

I am born with the Realisation that I have Purpose and meaning. That I am in Life, because I can give to it and form her. With the Principles given to us in the Cosmic Order, we can make Future Glorious, Warm, Comforting and MORE. With the LAW that is Active in the Age of Aquarius, we are able to Live and Create a NEW Way. A Way in which we are United, connected to our planet and to each other. Living The Way of ONE Tone. This Tone is the Sounding Truth of Aquarius. A Truth that makes All see that we can Create. That we have the Power to decide Future for All.

Living the Destiny of your INNER Wish and your INNER Pulse, is creating a Path for All. A Path of Loving Creativity, Creativity that Honours Nature, Human RACE, the planet. A Path in which Direction is given to make Life move forward and in which the Reflection shows the physical Power of this Path. We are Able to Create and we may do so with the Power to give Future its Start. A Start of NEW Life on planet Terra, on a planet that we may call our HOME.

© Ascending All

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