We celebrate Life of Cosmos

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In HOPE we celebrate Life and the NEWborn Details in the Aquarian Age and in the Aquarian LAW. LAW defines the Details born, because IN Order every Detail is given Opportunity to Grow and Blossom. Blossoming Right of Human Being is the Right to be Creative, the Right to be Active and the Right to manifest Life in the Detailed Expression of Wish. Wishful Living is Living IN the Power of the Righteous Direction of Cosmos, the Direction given to All of Life.

We Activate the Colours of Cosmos and therefore we can Design and Create Colours on planet Terra. We manifest the Golden Globe from the Union of Colours, Active in the Tone of Aquarian Reign and in the Tone of the CORE of Terra. Ruby Tone is the Beginning and Origin of planet Terra, the Original resonance in which Life unrolls. Every Detail on planet Terra Roots in this Tone to be able to Express the Loving Truth of Wish and to create a Loving Creation. The form of Love is form of CORE, a Detailed and Pure Gift that sounds in the Heart of Cosmos and the Heart of entire Human RACE. When Details are born in Cosmos and in RACE, the Sound of Ruby Tone expands in the Heartbeat of Humanity and organises the Willingness to serve Life. The Organised Willingness to serve All is the Power that makes Life MORE and that welcomes Life its Detailed Truth. Truthful Living is Wishful Living. Wishful in the resonance of Ruby Tone. Tone of the CORE of planet Terra is Tone that serves Humanity. Life on Terra is IN Tone of CORE, IN the Beautiful Gift of Light that makes Life Original.

Welcome the Tone of Ruby, the Tone of Terra her CORE. Welcome the Destiny of her CORE Expression and create the Expressed Truth of planet Terra while Living and Breathing to create NEW Life from Light in Motion.

© Ascending All

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