Violet Iceland

On the Violet Day in October, in the month of reconciliation, the Freedom emphasises to Unite with nature and to bring forth the Tone of Aquarius in the Human Will. Willingness to meet Nature and to make Nature MORE in Union with Humanity, is the Willingness to learn how to create Aquarius and how to form Life anew. The NEW form of Life is given in the reconciliation with the Origin, with the Ancestors, with LAW, with Order. The Violet Right of Creative Power in Human RACE is the Right to create anew and to make a Living Wonder.

This Wonder is Life itself, Life from the Origin. This Wonder is the Active Sign of Aquarius, the Aquarian Right and Principles formed as Life. The purpose of Aquarius is to realise Destined form and Destined Life. The Purpose of Aquarius is to make Living Right, which is to form the Right as Life. Ordered NEW Begins to unfold in the Wellness of White Fire. In the Well United with White Fire. Ordered NEW is the Gift of ONE Way and of ONE Direction. This Direction is Clear in the Crystal Tone of Aquarius. The Tone that is given to Aquarius by the King and Queen of this Land. The Land of Ice and Fire.

Fire Empowers the Will to be Free and to Unite. Ice gives Wellness and Clarity to the Purity of Will. Pure Will makes All rise. Pure Will is Way to Activate the Beginning of Aquarian Renewal. Which is a Renewal for all of RACE and for all of Nature.

Be Willing to Activate the Nature Elements and be Willing to spread the Light of Aquarius in the Teaching, in the Word, in the LAW and in the Light of Elohim. Make all Life Free in the Violet Tone of Aqua, a Tone that reaches all to do GOOD.

© Ascending All

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