Violet Gift

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Active Design on Terra raises Awareness on Life and on its Purpose. Active Design is infused with the Violet gift on the 3rd of December, to manifest the Power of Truth and Order in Free Expression. Expressing Truthfully and Orderly is a Way of Living. This Way is Encouraged by Violet Right given to the Allness and Oneness of Humanity and planet Terra. Terra Lives to Express the Beauty of her CORE in Cosmos, to manifest Truthful Mother. Violet Gift enables Terra to be Free to Express CORE, to make it Shine and to be Active in the Motion of Cosmic Perfection. Right to manifest your INNER is Right to Reveal the Beauty of CORE. This Beauty Lives IN the Motion of Ordered Allness, the Motion of All Life in ONE Destiny.

Being Aware of the Purpose of Life Empowers ONE and All to Live Destined. It Empowers to give of the Wish in CORE, to make Purposeful Life Truthful and Worthy. Life IN Motion is Life in the Order of Cosmos and in Cosmic Purpose. The Purpose of All Life is always Alive in Cosmos and in the ONE Destiny that Sounds in Universe. Sounding Tone of Aquarius is Tone of our Destined Way, our Destined Expression. Making Life MORE IN the Motion of Cosmos, is receiving the Gifts given in Cosmic Order. Violet Gift is given in Order and can only be received when Aligned with the Order of Cosmic Motion. Alignment IN Order is Alignment with the Perfection of Life, the Perfection of Way in All.

Violet is Gift to make All and to make ONE Active in the Purpose of Life, the Purpose of Cosmic Truth. Cosmic Truth has a Destiny and gives its Pulse to realise this Destiny. Fulfilment of Destiny in Motion is Right of Aquarius and Right of Creative Human Being. ONE Way is Creative for All and makes Living Destiny a physical Truth and Power. Welcome Violet Gift in Active Design, in Active Truth of Order. 

© Ascending All

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