Violet Gift

Life is Shining in the Reflection of Moon. Logos gives her Prayer for Humanity and for the Well Being of planet Terra. In her Prayer is the Power of Violet, the Power that Radiates today in Sun Light and that resonates with the Heartbeat of Terra her CORE. Rooting in Terra means you meet with the Violet Power that Seals CORE and that Liberates the Soul from the dark night. Violet is the Well Being in which Humanity can create the Wisdom of INNER and the Expression of Destiny.

The Gift of Violet Celebration is the Gift to make Life Eternal, to find The Way in which Male and Female are Equal and Worthy. In this Way is the Emerald Truth of Creativity. A Creativity that makes All of Life Blossom and that gives right to the Golden Creation of Wisdom. The Wise Prayers of Logos are written in the Heart of women. As One United Voice they give a Prayer to make Life MORE, to Seal Life in the Directive Power of Violet Right. All atoms and cells are embraced in the Celebration of ONE Way, of ONE Destiny. To Live in the Right of this Purpose and Destiny, is Living in the Beauty of Creation and welcoming the Active Creativity IN CORE of RACE.

Today is Violet. Today Lives to Unite Pink and Blue and to make the Violet Right of ONE Creation comes to pass. The Prayer of Mother, the Wisdom of Father and the Order of LAW are All Present to make Violet Alive IN Terra. Humanity may Root in the Violet Gift in Destiny. Humanity may be Creative to Welcome the Violet Path of Glory.

© Ascending All

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