Violet Day

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Today it is Violet in Beautiful Month, created to give of the Sound of Aqua in Horn. The Horn of Aquarius is sounding in the Destiny of Violet, Sounding to bring reason to Liberate All. Violet Tone is the Tone that Resonates with the Aquarian Principles and Destiny, promising Life in the Free Way of Creative Will. Will to be Free is the Will to Create and the Will to Create realises Freedom and Liberty for All of Life. Being Able to create is Being able to make ONE Free and to follow the Motion of Eternity in Light of Sun and Moon.

November Honours the Beauty of Creation, the Beauty of Creator. November Honours the Path of Human RACE given in the Willingness to Honour and Obey. Beauty rises in the Honourable task of Creativity, the Free Power of ONE Destined Way. Violet enhances the Richness of Beauty, the Comfortable Order that makes Beauty Real. On this Day when Violet Sounds and when the Aquarian Horn is Active, we may Celebrate the Beauty of Humanity that lies within its Freedom. We may Welcome the Free Power of Creative Wish and the Gift of Equality in Aquarius. Coming forth to Create and to do so Orderly, is coming forth to be Free IN Right and IN Honour of All.

Violet Day is Active in November, Active in the Beauty of Creator to make Creation shine.

© Ascending All

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