Variety of Life in Order

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Angels live Free in the Reign of Aquarian Truth, to realise Future in RACE of GOD and in the planetary Destiny. Destiny of Terra is to be realised in the Activity of Light in all Details Aligned in Constellation of Aquarius and able to serve the Destiny of Terra. This means Angels, Elohim, Human Beings, Elements, Elementals, Archangels, Nature Beings and more, realise the Destined form of planet Terra and her Ascension. The Ascending Truth of Human RACE as GOD’s RACE is in the variety of Details and Qualities a fact. The Allness of Life is the variety of Life and the Perfection of Life is this variety as well. The Beauty of this planet is the fact that several Details are able to Unite and cooperate in Equilibrium, whereby the Truth of the Destiny of Life of Terra can be formed. The Living Truth is the Living Light of All Details in Union, a Union that makes Life MORE.

Forming the Right to be Active as Detail and forming the Order given in LAW of the Aquarian Age, is done by more than Humanity alone. It is done by the Right of Angels and Archangels, Elohim and Nature. All are Active in the Order of LAW, in the Order of Cosmos. And therefore able to realise the Destined form and Expression of the planetary CORE. This Expression is Detailed, because she is the Love Divine that shows itself as the face of GOD. As the many faces of GOD Being. Once Terra is formed in the Destined Right, all Details are the ONE Expression functioning as HOME for Humanity and for Nature. This HOME is the Activity of Paradise in the Order of Life, in LAW of Life. The Living manifestation of Detailed Expressions is the Living manifestation of the Order in all Details Present. Although the Details are various, the Order is ONE IN All of them. All serve ONE Destiny and ONE Beginning and Ending. This makes it possible to create Eternal Life of Terra, Eternity of Light in the CORE of Terra.

Expressing CORE of Terra and Being Human in this CORE, is Expressing the CORE of Human RACE. Doing so makes RACE, GOD’s RACE. The face of GOD is shown in the Creative Ability of Life in Human Being. Human Being creates in Order and Angels fulfil their assignment in Order. While Elohim bring the Vision in Order. The United Reality of Motion in Order makes Life the Active ONE in Motion of Cosmos. Active ONE is Ordered, is Righteous and is Expression of the Principles in the Age of Aquarius given. These Principles are the platform for Growth, for Detailed Life. Principles to make Alpha and Omega the Righteous Motion of GOD’s Will.

© Ascending All

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