Truth of HOPE and Faith

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Generating the Light for Life to be Eternal and Generating the Purpose of every Atom and Cell, is Being Faithfull to the HOPE that Lives within. The Ability to respond to the Flame that is Announced in White Fire, is Being Able to realise Faithful Living. In Faith, ONE responds to the Flame and Lives HOPE. IN Responding to the Announcement of Life, of Detailed Life, HOPE is realised. Acting upon the Response to the Beginning of Life is Acting in Faith and making Life Worthwhile. Living Worth is created in response to the Truth of the Announcement, the Truth of ONE Living Tone and Way. Faith makes you hear the Tone and HOPE is created by responding to the Beginning, to the Announced Truth.

Purpose is Present in the Announcement of Truth, the Announcement of the Detailed Truth. Detailed Truth is Eternal and formed as Eternal Life. Living Eternal in the Promise of HOPE and in the Purpose given to every Detail, IN every Detail, opens a Way of Opportunity and Ability and MORE. All Life is formed in the Truth of the Announcement and in the Announced Truth. IN Truth is The Way to Root, to be Actively Present IN Terra while Being Creative. Truth is Alive in the Principles of Aquarius and in the Commanding Nature of LAW that makes Life the ongoing Light of Eternity. Welcome the Principles of this Age and Live HOPE while creating Future in Aquarian Truthful Tone.

© Ascending All

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