Truth in Communion

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To Commune is to bring forth the Power of GOD in Allness of Life, Blessing the Reality of ONE Way of Living. This ONE Way is Active in Truth and Empowered by the Will to Live Right, to BE Right and to Act Righteously. IN Teaching is The Way of Truth and Love, a Way of Growth and Multiplication. Multiplying the Power of GOD IN Order of White Fire, gives Details Space to Forgive and to create Future. Future is the Eternal Promise of HOPE, the Eternal Motion of Light in Order. Communing is Way to bring forth Future, to Live Eternal and to Express Promise in GOD Being.

Allness of Life is the Active Sign of Aquarius, embedded in Creation and Realised as the Power of Light. In Creative Human Being is the Will to create and the Promise to create Detailed. Details Live to Express GOD Being, GOD in All. Multiplied Light and Right is given Space in the Right of Communion, in The Way of Community. As Serapis I have come forth in the Power of Communion to realise Living Tone of Aquarius in Ascending Light and Life. Life IS the Right of Ascension when Created in the Multiplication of Light and Right. In Communion it is possible to Multiply, to create in the upward Spiral of Will and Love. Creating in this Spiral makes Wisdom rise and realises Golden Creation of Harmony and MORE.

Communion Lives in the Power of Harmony, the Power that gives Details Way and Ability to realise ONE Way while Being Detailed and Full of Wish. All Wishes are in ONE Way Directed in ONE Destiny and Purpose, Living to make Space for more Details to Breathe and to realise Multiplied Light and Right. Active Design of Emerald is created to make Ascension a Reality and to bring Life the Detailed Order of Truth. IN Truth is Communion, IN Forgiveness is Future. Community is Path of Future, of Eternal Future that Ascends in the Reality of ONE Promised Destiny.

© Ascending All

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