In the Moon of Transition we are making a Transition and creating this Transition. We create the Power of the Aquarian Age and therefore the physical Right to Exist is changing. The Right to Exist and to Create, the Right to BE Human, changes in the Activity of Moon and in the Presence of the Aquarian Constellation. The Constellation is Alive in the Promise and Destiny of Cosmos. To fulfil this Destiny, a Transition needs to be made and this needs to be physical. The Power of matter is enormous. It is a Power that is scarcely known and that is mostly disapproved of/or it is underestimated and suppressed. Matter is very strong and Matter is Powerful in the Being able to move, to change.

The Motion in matter which is a Natural given of Atoms, is suppressed by the Will of Human RACE. In this suppression the Active Right of atoms to BE becomes less. Whereby the Expressions of Atoms fades. The Right to Exist is emphasised in the Aquarian Age. The Right to Create is as well. Making a change in the physical asks of Humanity to make a Transition in our Will and our Willingness. In our Will to Create and in our Will to come forth in the Light. RACE is currently in a Transition of Will. The Will to serve Life, All of Life. The Will to Act from within, from the Order. This Wil needs to be awakened and needs to be Aligned with the Principles in Cosmos that are currently Righteous.

Will comes forth in the Heartbeat of Human RACE and in the Act of Being Born. Will comes forth in the Creative Act and in the Obedience to LAW and Order. All is an Active Transition to give Glory to the Aquarian Age. A Glory that Lives as Matter and that shows the Powerful Truth of Material Life.

© Ascending All

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