The Year is Ending

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The year 2021 is coming to an ending and it has been a magnificent year. 2021 has given NEW Light, discoveries and Intelligence. It has served The Way of Ruby to realise the Act of Human RACE in Love and Truth. The year that has been, has almost come full cycle, manifesting the Faith for Future and the Power of the Immaculate Vision within the Destiny of Terra. This year the Truth of Virgin has been recognized, the Vision of Elohim has been seen. And the Power of the Creative Act has been acknowledged. The Creative Ability of Human RACE has been served in the Willingness of RACE to manifest Life in the Aquarian Principles and LAW. Human RACE has walked the Path of Life this past year to contemplate upon its Right and Duty, to contemplate upon the Act of Humanity as a Whole. And to come to the understanding that Human RACE is born to be Creative and to do so in the Union of All differences, the Union of all varieties.

In the case of the Community of Aquarian Lighthouse, this year has been used to find the INNER Reality of Loving and Breathing with the Purpose to start to Express from this INNER. It means the Wisdom has started to come up in RACE and serves the entire process of building a Community. In the Gift of the Word, this year has served to bring forth several books. In the Gift of Teaching 2021 has served to give Insights and Clarities in Life and compliments to Life. The Aquarian Age has shown more of itself in the last months of this year, to make The Way of Creativity Reality in Human RACE. The Creative Way is the Ruby Way, Way of Loving Expression. This Way can only be fulfilled and realised in the Harmony of Father and Mother, the Harmony of Alpha and Omega. Or in the Harmony of the Four Elements of Nature, Unified to make Life the Loving form of Detailed  Expression.

Because you have travelled in the end of the year to the tombs of the Ancient Times and because you have found the Light and Right of Mother in the Power of the Virgin, the ending of the year 2021 has been given a boost. Needed to make the start of 2022 in Clarity and in the Immaculate Vision of HOPE. The rising of the Mother, the Rebirth of the Mother, is a necessity to build Future of Human RACE. To build Future for All and form within all. The fact this travelling was possible now at the very last end of the year 2021 and with the Impulse of the Winter Solstice has been because the choice of Human RACE is shifting. Gradually, Human RACE starts to choose for Truth. To see Truth and to make Life Truthful and therefore Clear and Ordered. The ending of a year as 2021 has never been so Powerful and Truthful. Which means the Ancient Times have truly given of themselves when the tombs were opened by the Will and Love of LAW, Elohim and Virgin. In the Immaculate Vision is Future, is the ongoing Motion of Light IN Direction.

I keep a focus for the Direction of Aquarius, to have this Direction formed in the Immaculate Right of Mother to BE Mother, to BE Life of All. The cycles of 2021 has truly been wonderful, full of miracles, full of Imagination and Full of the Creative Gift to Life and Light. Life is Grateful for the Gifts given on the Altar of Life. Life is Grateful for the Precision of the Commands of LAW and for the Precision in which ONE Way is unrolling. The Way is Clear, the Path is Straight. The Lighthouse Shines for all to find this Path and to walk HOME.

© Ascending All

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