The Way of Sunshine

Right is the Path in which Human RACE grows, to develop The Way of Sunshine. Sun shines to bring Bliss to the Details and Deities able to Reign the material Truth of Living. Sun shines to bring forth the Direction that wishes to be Reflected and that may form the Will IN Father’s Eye. What is seen in the Eye of Father can be formed in the Heart of Mother. In this Principle is the Truth of Motion and the Truth of Eternal Life. The Love to Create and the Wish to be MORE than before, is the Loving Will of Human RACE living upon planet Terra to Honour the planet and the Sun of Solar System.

Honouring the Light is receiving the Sun to be born in the Light and manifesting the Reflection to form Light Creation. Light Creation is Way of Honourable Truth and Light Creation is the Gift of Father in which Mother is MORE. Enabling Human RACE to be Creative IN Order and Encouraging Human RACE to be Creative, is one of the Principles in Aquarius. The Aquarian Right is the Right to Create Ordered and to make All of Life MORE in this Order. The Power of Multiplication is the Power of Truth and Love combined. Active in the Creativity Flame of Human RACE.

This Flame is Honoured upon the Altar of Eternal Life and this Flame is Obeyed in the Elements of Nature. Every Element will learn IN Obedient Nature to be the form of Aquarius, while serving Wish in RACE. Every Nature Element has a Righteous Expression and place within Creation of Terra and within the Creative Wish of ONE RACE. All learn to Live United. All Learn to be the Power of GOD in the Hands of Nature and Humanity.

© Ascending All

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