The Power of Nature in All

Born as Human Being you are Celebrated in the Kingdom of Nature. The service of Nature to Human RACE is the service to realise a physical body in the Promise of Living on Terra. Being born on Terra is being born in the Service of Nature Kingdom, a service that renders All of Human RACE the gift of the physical existence. The fact that we live is the Power of Nature. The fact that we breathe, is the Power of Nature. And the fact that we can create our Life, is the Power of Nature within ourselves. Nature Kingdom is both within us and around us. In the service of forming the physical human body, we receive Life and we receive the Truth of Elemental Life. All Elementals are a Gift to Human Being, to be Human. To be Alive upon Terra.

In all of us humans is Power of Nature. In all of our Creative Abilities is the Truth of Nature’s Power and Promise. We are able to create, because we have the Ability to respond to our Will and Wish, to respond to the Light of the Sun Rays. In this Ability is our Equality with Nature and Nature Kingdom. Nature is able to respond to the Light of Sun. Nature is able to respond to the Wish in Human Being. Nature Kingdom renders its service to the Wish in RACE, to the Wish in Detailed Human Being in RACE. Doing so makes Life MORE and gives Life the Right to be IN Motion and to accumulate the Light of Sun. This is possible in the Reflection of Moon and in the Creative Actions of Human Being. A Human Being creates to come to the point within. To realise itself from INNER in both Consciousness and Awareness. From this point, Human Being Enlightens Matter, Enlightens The Way IN Matter. Upon this Way is the Living Dream of Nature Kingdom and Human RACE as ONE. The Living Promise of a Golden Future is given in the Equal Truth of Nature and Human Being.

Welcoming the Power of Nature in yourself, your Natural Creative Ability, is welcoming the Power of Nature in Elementals and Elements. When we, Human RACE, choose to welcome our individual Creative Nature, we give our Light of Wish to Nature. The Kingdom of Nature will grow and Expand in this. It will Accelerate its Light and service to humankind.

© Ascending All

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