Song of Nature

Song of Nature is heard in the Silence. The Silence of Light and of NEW Way. Song of Nature is seen in the Beauty, Sparkling with Bright and Direction of Ray.

Welcome the Day in the Glory of Wonders, the Glory that brings everyone to one Point. This point is the centre in which we abide to Honour the Light and to create Life. Within this Point is the Bliss and the Blessing, the Bliss for RACE to realise NEW. This Point is the centre in which we unroll ourselves with the Detailed Wishes and with Active Design. Every moment you listen to wind or to rain, every moment you hear the drops fall from the sky, you hear the Song that Nature sings. IN this Song is the gift of Father, the Gift that makes all realise GOOD. IN Light of Sun is the Beauty of Moon and the Right to show the Bliss to All.

Welcome the Rays of Sun Direction. Welcome the Colours in the Sky. Telling the story of your Ancestors and suiting you with the Joy for Life. In every strike of Sun Light is the Promise of Golden Days and Nights. A Promise that Lives in the Ancestor’s Right to be the giver of Life. Receive thus the Light and be faithful for others, for more is to come and more is to give. The Ancestor’s Land grows under your feet and welcomes the Brightness of Future.

Living the NEW is Awakening in Promise that all will be Well and that all will be Life. Living the NEW is the Activity of Design to make All Ordered and Clear. The NEW is Gift of the Ancestor’s Way to bring Freedom of every Detailed Beauty. Let’s sing along with the song of Nature and bring forth the change in our wish.

© Ascending All

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