Showing GOD as HOPE

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ONE Life is ONE Way that comes forth in the LAW. LAW Lives in the Principles of Aquarius and in the Promise of HOPE that makes Aquarius Shine. Shining Aqua Reign is the Shining Reality of the Reflection that shows GOD. Reflective Matter is the Clarity of Matter able to bring forth the Detailed facets of ONE Destiny. In Destined Life and in Destined Direction, the Reflection will bring the face of GOD as Creation. The form that is seen in Matter is the Detailed form, the Detailed shape of the Diamond. A Diamond is the form of Deity, of the GODhead. Of the Director. When ONE Directs, the Reflection is Clear and shows The Way of CORE. This is The Way in Honour of GOD. In Honour of Humanity.

Humanity is GOD in Action. Humanity is Director and able to form the Direction given in the Clarity of Aquarian Destiny. Destined Truth is the fact that Life is Eternal in her Origin. Eternal and Detailed Life is Clear Life, Loving Life. The Love of CORE is given in Creation, given in the form. The Reflection of Love is always Clear and makes all Details show the Director of ONE Way. This Director is GOD in Action, is Humanity. Being Human means to be Creative and to be responsible for Life as Creator. Creative Path is the Path of HOPE and the Path of Multiplication. IN Multiplication is the Promise of Life given and created. Multiplying the Order of White Fire, the Order that is emphasised in LAW, is Multiplying the Right of Creativity. Therefore Creation is Right, Perfect and Geometrical. The Geometrical Perfection of Order shows the face of GOD for all willing to see. When you choose to see GOD in the Action of Humanity, you see The Way of CORE and The Way that leads to the creation of HOPE. ONE Way forms HOME for All. In HOME is the Activity of Detailed Reality a fact and IN HOME is the formation of a Detailed Family. Being responsible to the Light and Order of Creator and Creation, is Being Human.

Aquarian Age is the Age in which Humanity can learn to form Detailed, to show Details. The Teachings for Humanity are Active to bring forth a NEW form of Living. Teachings are given to be Creative in making a HOME in the HOPE of the Aquarian Destiny. 

© Ascending All

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