Sealing October

We Seal October in the Right of Reconciliation. The Right that gives Life to Humanity and that makes Life MORE. In the Reconciliation with CORE, Life can Blossom from INNER and form Order. The Purpose of Life is given in the Reconciled Truth. A Truth that is IN CORE Active and that is Alive on Terra. To be reconciled with the Truth of Emerald Order as given in Design on Terra, is for Human RACE the Start to Live Creative and Ordered. The Ordered Act of Creativity gives MORE to Life and will show itself in Creation. Creation made IN Order and Truth, is Creation able to show the face of GOD and able to be Transparent.

Transparency starts with Truth, starts with the fact that Human RACE is United with CORE. Or the fact that Reconciliation is done. History has given chaos and pain, despair and suffering. Time is now in Aquarius to change this path. This is why Reconciliation has been the Gift and Action of October. A Gift in which Human RACE can rise and may see the Worthiness of Living in ONE Direction and Goal. RACE is Creative to Honour the Light and to make Life MORE. Creative RACE Awakens in the Beginning of Will and gives this Will to form the Ordered Right of Life. This Right is to be Altar of Eternal Life. Which makes Life Eternal.

Reconciliation with the Motion of Well, gives Motion to realise Ordered Creation and to form the Eternal Creation in which RACE is the Giver and the Creator. Forming The Way of Ruby is forming from Truth, from CORE and from the Living Well. ONE Motion Honours the Light and Honours the Order in Light. This is the Order of White Fire. An Order that gives to All and is IN All. Welcome the Gift of October, the Right in which Autumn has started to Shine.

© Ascending All

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