Sacred Immaculate Matter

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In the Gift of Ancient Flames and in the Rebirth of the Virgin IN Mother, we celebrate the Right of Humanity to create Future and to create Life in a NEW Vision. The Vision of Elohim is renewed for the Aquarian Age and in the fact that Curing Humanity is needed. The Cure is the Birth of the Virgin IN Mother, which gives the Immaculate Conception for every newly created form. From this moment on the form may be Created in the Immaculate Power, in the Right of Virginity to show the Original Beginning of Life. This Original Beginning is Ordered and is White Fire. It is the Right of the Ancient Flames to bring forth its message and Destiny. The Destiny of the Ancient Flames was to realise a Terra that is Perfectly Geometrical, a HOME for her inhabitants. In the Perfect Geometrical Gift a Human Body is Nurtured to be the Wish Expressed, to be the form of ONE Destined Expression. Terra is Altar for Life, for Human Life. She can fulfil her task and Wish in the fact that Ancient Flames are Re Activated in the Vision of Elohim, in a Vision Active for Future, for NOW. The GEO Perfection is the Right of Humanity to Live and Breathe upon Terra, connected with her CORE. And Expressing and manifesting the Right to create and the right to do so Orderly. Creating Orderly is creating Wholeness and making the Path of Love the Reality of Life.

Humanity is Cured in the fact that the Immaculate Mother rises now, from the Rebirth of the Virgin. The Rebirth of Virginity that touches Consciousness and Reflects the Sun Light and Direction. In the Immaculate Reflection is The Way to see yourself and the Creative Will of Self. Therefore the Will to create can be made free. The Will to create can be made Pure. In Purity the Perfection of GEO will be created and Terra will realise her Shining Truth of CORE as a Light in Cosmic Order. ONE Destiny Sounds in Cosmos in the Tone of Aquarius. ONE Destiny is Way in Cosmos and Vision of Elohim is attuned with this Cosmic Destiny. ONE Path is Human Path, Human Life. The Path from the CORE given and expressed. Terra is in her Righteous Orbit and she Lives the Motion of Light in this Orbit. She serves the Path of Humanity and adds her Light to the Flames in Humanity. All Flames are Nurtured on her Being, on the Altar she chooses to be. All Flames are IN Way of CORE the Expression of Sacred and Immaculate Matter.

© Ascending All

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