Rooting and learning

The Willingness to learn is Equal to the Willingness to give to Life. When we are born we are all able to give to Life, because this is the very reason of our birth. We are born with the purpose to manifest our Wish IN Will and while doing so we create life and planet Terra as Life. Which means we are able to manifest our home within the creative Abilities and Wish of Being Human. Being Human is to Glorify the Light and make her into Life. It means to realise the Passion of our INNER, of GOD in us. Realising this Passion is more than becoming Aware of it. It is making it physical as a Powerful Reality that shows All The Way of INNER, The Way that is seen as Truth and Life itself. Which is why Jesus said: I am The Way, the Truth and the Life.

Rooting in Terra is carving a path to be Creative, a Path to make home. Rooting in Terra is Expressing the INNER Wish and making the effort to create your Gift to life, to all. Creating this Gift is forming the Passion of your INNER and realising the Equality of all in Life Active. This Equality is the Spring of Living and makes All Seasons Equal as well. Every Season has a gift, every Season is Equal in this Gift. Rooting gives Space to the Detailed identity and realises a Way for the Detail to Express, to give of itself in the Living Right of Life.

History is a Path of the Living Souls, a Path that is given in Will and Creativity. Every Act of Human RACE is an Act that defines Life and that has made Light form. The form you choose defines your Wish and Wisdom. Welcoming the Path of North in which you learn is welcoming the Right to Express Detailed and to BE Human in the Laws of Alchemy.

© Ascending All

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