Righteous Direction

Right is Active to realise the Details in White Fire Order and to make Well move in the Direction of Aquarius. Righteous Direction is Direction given in the Sun Light that is Right in the Constellation of Aquarius. This Light of Sun is Activated by the Order of Cosmos, Activated in the Plan to make Aquarius Reign. The Reigning Power of Aquarius is the Wish IN RACE, a Wish that Lives within the CORE of Creativity. Creative Way is the INNER, a Way that means to meet the Teacher and to create the Teaching. A Way in which the Glory of Sun Light is Honoured and Multiplied, while the Order in Cosmos Expands.

Learning to Create is learning to be Human in the most Natural way. Which is being Human from within, from the INNER Order of White Fire. White Fire is in CORE of Human RACE and is the Motion of every Action IN Right. The Right Act makes All Life MORE and Glorifies Life to Blossom. So it unrolls itself in the Geometrical Truth of Terra her Divine Plan, her Destiny. The Destined Truth of Terra is a given in the Direction of Sun Light, in the Reflection of Moon Light. Terra her Destined way and Expression is Created in the hands and Will of Human RACE. RACE is the Living Creator of Terra her Expression and RACE makes its own Expression.

Being Creative is learning and Honouring the Light. To learn to Honour the Light is choosing to learn and to follow the Teaching that is given. Every little step that makes Growth Reality, is a step into the Light and into the Reigning Truth of Aquarius. Aquarian Tone makes the Reign of Aquarius Real. It gives the Reigning Power a Physical Right to exist as Life, as Creation. Tone of Aquarius is Active in Light of Sun and Active in the Creative Will and Wish of Human RACE. RACE is the Honouring and Obedient MAN that gives GOLD a Destined formation.

© Ascending All

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