Righteous conception of Life

To make Right MORE and to realise Righteous Conception of Life, we may invest in the development and expansion of our Human consciousness. The Consciousness is needed to realise a NEW Way of Living and to Generate the Light needed to form Future and to form MORE. The MORE of Life Begins in the Activity of Human Consciousness and from the Direction given from this Consciousness. Consciousness literally is ‘a state of mind’, which means Consciousness defines how we think and how we act or create. Generating Light in the Aquarian Principles and within the Constellation of Aquarius, asks of us to connect with the Waves of the Aquarian Tone. This Tone reaches our potential. Whereby this potential can rise and can be uplifted.

When our Potential starts to rise, it may reach our Consciousness and when aware of the potential, Consciousness can Act within this potential. Human potential is so much more than we see. Human potential is the Light of our Creative Power and Wish. The potential to Create and to elevate All Life while Creating, is a Way to make All of Life MORE and Bright. The Righteous conception of Life is created in the Waves of Aquarius, in the Tone of Aquarian LAW. The Righteous conception is a conception that makes All MORE and that gives to the Allness and Wholeness of Living. We may invest in our Consciousness. Because this is an investment in Life, in Future. We NEED to invest in Consciousness, train ourselves to bring our attention to the Right of our existence. To that what does Right to Human RACE, to Human Being, to Human Worth.

Welcome Right in Aquarius and create the Awareness that makes Consciousness MORE in Human RACE. A Consciousness that is Creative and Active to form planet Terra as Altar for Eternal Life.

© Ascending All

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