Right to Create forms Geometry

The Right to Create upon Terra is the Right to be Human. This is a Right that makes All of Life Equal. The Equal Truth of Creator and its Creation, the Equal Truth of Detailed Actions in Human RACE, the Equal Right to be Creative and form. Equality exists because of Right that is given to All. The Right to Create is for every Human Being. This Right makes Terra MORE and is The Way for Terra to fulfil her Destined Future. Activity of Creativity is the Motion within RACE that realises the Geometrical Perfection of Creation.

Motion IN RACE forms Geometry. It forms the shapes and the formations are Geometrical, Honouring the Light of Sun and Moon and serving the Destiny of Terra. Geometry is the Right of form and formations to be IN Motion. Which means Creation that is Geometrical, is Creation IN Motion. A Creation that Lives within the Promise of Eternity and within the Creative Right of Human RACE. Right to Create is the Right to be part of the Order of Cosmos. Thus, to be part of the Motion of Cosmos. Forming from this Motion, from the Order and Right within RACE, realises Geometry as Living Reality, which is the Reality of Free and Ordered Creation.

Creation from Order is Creation IN the Right of Cosmos Active. This Right is the Right to Create, the Right to Multiply. Geometry is formed from Multiplication; from Multiplying the Origin IN Terra and IN Human RACE. Multiplication of Origin confirms the Communion of Terra and RACE even more. The more the Origin is Multiplied, the more the Right of Terra and Human RACE flourishes. Which means the Right to Create will be more Active and Present, realising the Growth of Human Nature. When Human Nature flourishes, Terra can flourish.

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