Right of North

Today is Right in the Acceleration of Light of North, to receive the Pulse of Sun Light and the Reflection of Moon Light. In which Terra is able to Live the Orbit around Sun. and in which Humanity is IN Opportunity to make All Life NEW. Orbit around Sun is the Right in Space to be active in Sun and Moon their Harmony. To be Active in the Power of ONE Way and ONE Direction. Living the Direction of Northern Enlightenment is Living the Power of Truthful Gift of Life. Creating this Life is in the Active Act of Human RACE, an Act made in Honour of the Orbit and of the Light given in Orbit. ONE Way makes ONE Orbit Reality. ONE Way is the Present current of Direction that makes Future Reality.

The Reality of North is the Right of Teacher and Teaching to be Harmonious, to be ONE Way and form. Reality of North is the Active Design of Emerald IN Blue of Blueprint, Harmonised to give the Bliss of Nature from Ruby CORE. Northern LAW makes All Life GOOD in this Harmony, in the Expression of Ruby CORE. LAW makes Ruby Express, LAW gives Opportunity to Express CORE. IN Opportunity is Way to make All Life MORE and to make All Grow. Growth is the Perfect Right of Living and Creating. Growth is the Living Promise of Way for All, IN CORE Realised.

Live the Right of North today by Accelerating the Light of North into the Direction of Aquarius and the Power of ONE Way in All.

© Ascending All

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