Right of Alpha and Omega

In the Right of Alpha and Omega to be ONE Expression and ONE Way we welcome the potential of Human RACE. For in RACE is the Path that leads to the Righteousness of Alpha and Omega. To the Right use of the Power of Alpha and Omega. Which means the Directive Power of Alpha is Equal to the Reflective Power of Omega. As ONE Creative Gift The Way is formed for RACE to be MORE, to Ascend and to come HOME in the own Creation. The Right of Alpha to be ALPHA is the Right to Direct the Light of GOD, to Direct the Fire of GOD; GOD’s Will. The Right of Omega to be OMEGA is the Right to Reflect GOD’s Fire; GOD’s Will. When Will is Directed and Reflected in the Purpose to serve The Way of RACE, ONE form is Created. A HOME is made in the Equal tone that Sounds.

The Promise of GOD to be Present in All is the Promise that Lives in Humanity. IN Humanity this Promise has a Tone and gives a Path. It is the Promise of HOPE to be realised in the Ordered Gift of Creativity. Human RACE is able to create its Path, to create HOME. Human RACE is able to realise GOD as form, to realise the Promise of GOD to be Present IN All. Righteousness, right use, is a Quality that is given in Government. Right is given by Government. In Government and in her Gift, RACE knows how to Righteously Direct or Reflect. In Government, RACE knows how to Live the Equality of Creative Power. The Equality of Reflection and Direction.

GOD’s Will chooses to be Human. GOD’s Will chooses to Direct or Reflect, to be Creative. This is the Essence of Being Human. This is the Essence of GOD’s Will as Human Being. Welcoming the Power of OMEGA in the Will of GOD makes Human RACE MORE. Receiving the Power of ALPHA in the Will of GOD to serve the Whole, makes Human RACE Active. A Path of HOPE is created by GOD’s Will IN Race. A Way of Love, of giving of GOD’s Will, is Lived in the Human Service to All and to ONE. Giving GOD’s Will is always done to serve this Will. To serve the ONE Will.

Government makes Will ONE. Government makes GOD Human. Government hears the Tone of Equality. Which means OMEGA and ALPHA are Free in the Governmental Right of Terra IN Cosmos.

© Ascending All

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