Right Light

Right is the Essence of Light that makes it possible that Light becomes form. Right is the key that makes Light vibrate in ONE Resonance.  Therefore a form can be Eternal. When the Light Resonates as ONE and all the Rays in Light are Active in this Resonance, form made from Light IN Right, is an Eternal form. The Light in Atoms and Cells will remain in formation by the resonance of the INNER Light. Every Atom and every Cell that Lives IN Right is Active in the formation that serves the Detailed Identity and that serves the Allness of Details. This Allness is Life and it is the Constellation of Aquarius. The Aquarian Resonance is Active in Right and therefore in Light that is IN Right. This means it is Light given by the Constellation of Aquarius and given in the Directive Power of Sun to form the Aquarian Life.

Life IN Aquarius is Active in the Direction of Sun and in the Reflection of Moon. Orderly given to Human RACE in the Wish to fulfil the Light. Light can be fulfilled when Human Being receives it and Unites with White Fire CORE. Whereby the form can be created. Light IN Right is Aligned with the Order in Cosmos and makes it possible that Life can change its Expression. The Expression of an Age may change when a NEW Age comes to pass. The Right of Light is the Activity of Direction and Reflection that changes because Order and Right is Honoured. To be able to create Righteous formations of Atoms and Cells, Human Being needs the Directive and Reflective Power of Sun and Moon. And Human Being needs to Awaken in the Reflective Gift of Omega Principles and the Directive Gift of Alpha principles.

These Principles may be applied by Humanity in Creativity. Right IN Light of Sunrays given will be formed as Ordered Life when the Reflection and Direction are Equal and when the Light is Honoured. The Act of Creating is Multiplying White Fire Order in CORE and is Uniting this CORE with the Right Light in Cosmos. Humanity is able to Create. Which means Human Being is able to receive Right Light and to Unite this with White Fire CORE. Human RACE is able to Multiply White Fire and to make Life the Righteous Expression of Light. Which means the Essence of Light can be shown in a form, in an Expression of Ordered Truth.

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