Rhythm of Terra

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Walking in the Rhythm of Terra her Orbit and focus, gives Inspiration to be Creative and to Awaken in the Right use of Light. Using Light Right Invites Nature Elements to come forth in Order and to make Creation from the Wishing Well within Human Being. This Well is Eternal and never stops flowing. It is the Creative Wish that desires to be Active in the Allness of Life to make Wholeness of Living Reality. The Reality of Wish in every Human Being is the focus upon Light and making Light Righteously yours. This means that Light is chosen to serve All, while connecting with Light by the Detailed Identity. Giving your Self to the Light of Sun and Moon, is giving your Detailed Truth to this Light. Life is MORE because you add Light to Spectrum of Light. You give a Detailed Truth to Light that can be formed in the Right use of it. Nature Elements will Honour the Perspective of the Detailed Identity and form the Righteousness of this Identity. Whereby Life becomes Detailed and shows the Light Ordered and Right.

Being able to Walk in Terra her Rhythm Empowers Human Being to be Creative in this Rhythm. The Rhythm of Sun and Moon, of the Ordered Motion in Cosmos. IN Cosmos is Way of ONE Truth, Way that makes Communion possible. Because ONE Direction and ONE Motion of Light are a basic given to Commune. All Living in ONE Motion or Rhythm, the Rhythm of Terra, gives that Life is able to manifest Communion of Cells, Atoms, of Human and Nature, of Order and Light. The Power of Terra is in her Gift. This Gift is so much more than we realise. Her Orbit and Rhythm provides us with the Ingredients for Life. For Light Life. She gives her Ordered Truth and Right to make Human RACE Glorious and Truthful.

We can choose for the Light and we can choose to be IN Rhythm of Terra her Right. To be IN Rhythm of ONE Active Direction serving All Details to Live and Express Glory.

© Ascending All

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