Revealing Direction of Aquarius

Nature receives the Right to form the Direction of Aquarius and to make the world NEW in the Principles of this Age. Every Age has its Principles, its LAW and its Right to show itself in the Expression of Creation. A Creation made in the Ability of RACE. RACE Lives to form Terra, to form the planet and to do so with the Love for CORE and with the Love for Sun Light. IN Light of Sun is the Directive Power of the Active Age. Aquarius is Active and has started its cycle years ago. The Light of Sun accommodates the people with the Aquarian Right and Direction, to make Reflection and form of Aquarius possible.

Life IS Aquarian. Life may be formed according to Aquarius. The Power of Nature is to show the Beauty of an Age, to show the Light of the Age and the Activity of this Age in the Order of Cosmos. Cosmic Reality is ONE Way of Living. In ONE Way we need ONE Direction. Nature hears the Direction of Father Sky and King Fire. Nature hears the LAW of Aquarius in the Command to Reveal the Tone of Aquarius and to make her strong. ONE Tone is Directive and ONE Tone is to be Reflected.

The Reflection of Water releases the Direction of the Age. Aquarius is Active in the landscape of Ice and Fire. Aquarius is Active in the Will to Honour the Aquarian Direction and Light. Elohim receive the Light of Aquarius to enable Human RACE to create the Living Truth of this Age. ONE Truth is Alive in ONE Direction. ONE Truth is Way to manifest the Age as life. Life will change and will be formed anew. In the Bliss of Creative Human Being. Creative Human Being is Aligned with Nature Being and Nature Elements. Aligned with the Whale that tells the story of GOD’s Way.

Follow The Way, the Path of Northern Light. Follow the Tone and Live IN Aqua to reform and recapitulate the Age in ONE Direction.

© Ascending All

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