Response to INNER Nature

Light in Human RACE is Destined to be given as Creation and to be Directed in the Aquarian Principles. All of Life may be formed in the Principles of Aquarius and may show the Detailed Truth of Creativity within RACE. The Creative Power of Human RACE as ONE RACE is able to Respond to the Light of RACE its Purpose, which is the Light Destined to be seen as Creation. When we Respond to the INNER Reality of our Being, to our Nature, we Respond to the Light of Wish. This Wish is United with Will in the Free Reign of Will and in the Willingness to Honour All as ONE Whole. The Union of Wish and Will makes ONE Respond to the Wish in the Will to create, the Will to realise Creation.

Creation in Aquarius is Destined to be Detailed, Destined to be an Expression of the Detailed Nature in ONE RACE. ONE in RACE is the Creative Ability, the Creative Power which is Commanded to be given. Forming the Right of Aquarius to be Expression, to be MORE, is forming with the Light of Wish IN RACE. The fact that Light is Directed makes it possible that this Light becomes Creation or Reflection. In Direction the Creative Ability of Human RACE can Express itself in the Detailed Ability of Human Being. The Detailed Ability is the Detailed Nature of Human Being, the Detailed Identity. This Identity can realise itself as form in the fact that the Light of the INNER, the Detailed Wish, is Adored by the Will. Will chooses to Adore the Detailed Identity, to Adore INNER Nature. Whereby the Creative Power can show this INNER as an outer form, as Creation in which all abide.

The Perfection of Creation is True when the Wish and Will are United in the Creative Act to form Creation. Perfect Creation is Detailed, is made in Adoration to the Wish that is IN Will given. The Freedom of Will makes Will Respond to the Wish and to the Direction in Aquarius. In this Response is The Way to come forth as Detailed RACE, as the Power of Creativity in Destiny of Aquarian Reign.

© Ascending All

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