Rejoice in Wholeness

Future Lives in the Creative Act of Human, the Act that makes a Human Live. Colouring this world with the detailed Expressions, is Being Creative to emphasise the Destined Truth of Earth. This Destined Truth is to be EARTH, to be the HOME for All the Creative Details. Identities Live IN Human RACE as the Colours of the Rainbow. These Colours may be Created as Creation, as Life. Cosmos Rejoices in the expression of Colours. In the Expression of Colourful Identity. The power to Create is the power that makes Life and that makes Human Being Live. In the choice to create a Human Being Lives and Breathes. Living is creating, is giving of oneself and expressing the INNER Power of the Alchemist.

When we start Breathing from within, the choice is to be creative. Do you wish to Express yourself and create form? Do you wish to create the Living Truth of your intrinsic power. And do you Rejoice over Creation? These choices are the given choices in Human Will. In the Will that says ‘I create and therefore I exist’. Existing is more than Breathing alone. Existing is Creating, being part of both Creator and Creation. When Human Being is part of both, the detail is given as an Eternal Promise. Which means the Detail is Present in the Eternal Motion of Beginning and Ending. In the Motion of Ordered Wholeness.

Wholeness is form when the Will IN Human Being is Actively Creating. Wholeness is the Presence of GOD that is Expressed, that is form. It is Creation in the Eternal Motion of Order, coming form the Ordered Will that says ‘I Create’. In the Power of the Healing thoughtform the Reality of this process is given. The process of Creating. From the INNER Ordered White Fire the expression comes through Will and Truth of Detail. Form is Whole, is LIFE. Human Being Lives in this Gift of Creativity, this Expression of Ordered Will. The process of Creating is the Joy of Life and gives All the Rejoicing Nature that Lives IN Order.

© Ascending All

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