RACE in Ordered Nature

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Living in Space to realise Life is Living in the Motion of Light and Right, Active in the Order of Cosmos. Cosmic Order is realised in the Promise of Details, Expressed in the Wish to Create. Upon Terra it is RACE that realises the fulfilment of Destined Living for both Humanity and planet Terra. As ONE Living Organism the Promise receives form in the Creative Act and in the Wishful Existence of both Human and planet. Every Human Being is Present to realise a Detailed form, an Eternal Detailed Truth. This Truth is Active in the Governmental Right of Sirius. Sirius is the Power of Government in Cosmos, the Power that gives Space an Order and gives base to the Creative Wish in Human Being. The Motion of Order in Cosmos is a base for Creativity, a base in which the Destiny can be formed and fulfilled. Fulfilling Life in the Wish of Detail, makes Life MORE and gives Space Beauty.

In the fact that Terra and Humanity function as ONE Organism is the Truth of Creativity of Human RACE. RACE is Creative to serve itself and planet Terra, to serve life as a Whole. Choosing to be Creative in Right and in the Principles of Aquarius is of importance when giving Life to the planet. Terra will Blossom in the Creative Wishful Expression of RACE and RACE Will Blossom and grow in the Truth of Terra her CORE that can be Shown in the Righteous Atomsphere. This Sphere is to be created by Human RACE itself. Within the Motion of Ordered Light is Way to give Space her Beauty, to give Terra her Righteous Expression and to give Humanity HOME. This is done in the Motion that makes All Equal. Nature upon planet Terra is Equal to RACE because of the Motion of Order, the Motion of Ordered Light. Nature Elements Resonate with the Power of Order in Light and are able to Respond to the Order. Within this Order they form the Beauty of Wish, a Truthful Right of Life. Being Human is being Able to Create, Being Active to serve planet Terra and to fulfil the Destined Right of her Being and of Human Being. As ONE Organism Nature is invited to Resonate in this Destiny and to make form Reality of Ordered CORE and Ordered Motion.

Welcome RACE upon planet Terra, Welcome RACE in Ordered Nature.

© Ascending All

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