Power of Virgin month

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2021 is coming to its ending. Closing the year to Begin a new may be done with a full focus upon the Potential and Promise of 2021. The Potential to Root as Human RACE and to Live in the Order of Cosmos. Or to grow in Awareness over the fact that All Life is Active in the Order of Cosmos. 2021 has served and still serves the Reality of Eternity by giving the Light of Solar System in every Moon and by Expressing Details in every Month. The Detail for December will be a focus upon the Great Ending of this year. An Ending that gives a NEW Beginning, a Fresh Beginning.

To realise the Fullness of 2021 we will use December by giving the Power of Virgin. This Power is the Strong Willingness to serve All of Life in Wholeness and it is the Will to Activate the Immaculate Wish in All and in ONE. The Will to serve All is needed to realise world of form that IS Mother, a world that Nurtures All in Equality and Truth. Truthful Life can make Natural Life, Life in the Expression of Detail. Truthful Life is the base for Natural Expression and Way to open the Reality of giving in Virgin Consciousness. December will be the Power of Virgin and will therefore Activate this Power or Will in Humanity. It is Opportunity to Welcome planet Terra in the capacity of Mother, the capacity of Living Altar.

Powerful Month will end this year to start the Right of 2022. This Right is MORE and this Right is Bright in the Will to serve Allness and Wholeness. Starting the Right of 2022 must be done in the Power of Virgin, to realise the Start of NEW Way of Will in 2022. The year is Ending and the Beginning of NEW starts to be seen. Awaken the Eye to see NEW and Activate the Atoms and Cells to be Active in service to All and to ONE. Serving ONE is serving the Sun, serving the CORE. One Way is Way of Truthful Willingness, Truthful Creativity.

© Ascending All

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