Power of RACE

Enlightening the Power of Human RACE is Enlightening The Way of Ruby that leads to the Future of Aquarius. Aquarius is created IN Ruby Tone and Way. Aquarius comes to pass from the Rooted State of Human RACE that chooses to Root in CORE and creates from this centre. The Reality of Creativity in Humanity is that it is only truly Active when IN CORE grounded. The base to create is the Divinity in CORE and the Origin in CORE. Which means that Human is GOD when IN CORE Present.

The Way of Ruby is The Way in which Life is Lived IN CORE. IN CORE is the Active Sign to be Creative and the Divinity that Empowers All to be Creative from Love and from the Will to Create Wish. The ONE Light that rises in Human RACE is the Light that comes forward in the Active Design of Truth. Truthful Design is Ordered in Emerald and makes Creativity anchored in Truth. The Will to Create from Wish and from within CORE is the Will that chooses the Origin.

When in Origin anchored and when in Origin focused, Life is Created Ordered. The formations created are form of Love and will show the Divine of the Detail that created it. Creation is supported by ONE RACE and by the ONE Wish that Lives in RACE. The Creative Ability is Active in this Wish and may rise from CORE. Power of Human RACE is Alchemical. The Truth of Creativity is Alchemy. Within the Alchemical Truth is ONE Way and ONE Order. An Order that makes form Eternal and gives Light the Right ingredient to be Life. 

© Ascending All

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