Power of Omega

Light is given to be Reflected, to be formed in the Power of Will that makes All MORE. This Will is the Loving Reality of Omega, the Right to Reflect and to form in the Allness of Life made by the Light. The Honour to Reflect and the Power that is Reflection, makes Omega the Principle of Life and the Principle of Matter. To be Matter in Detail and to be Honest Matter, which is Matter that shows All, Omega may Reflect and realise the form of Mother. Detailed Matter is Mother. Is the Right of Breathing and Living in the physical Existence that makes All Grow and that gives MORE to every Detail. The Truth of connections of Details in the physical is the Truth of Being able to form IN Reflection, to form IN Emerald.

Design of Emerald is a base for Details to connect, for Details to be Reflected by the Power of Omega. In Reflection Detail is formed and Detail is Honoured in its Destiny and its Destined Direction. The Will to realise ONE Way as Details in Emerald is the Will to form Life as Communion and as Constellation. The Constellation of Aquarius is the Reigning ONE that makes form Active as a Communion of Atoms or molecules. Every molecule is the Detailed Truth of Light, Reflected to be form and Active in the Right of Omega to be Life. The Living Right to Breathe, to Create and to Act as Human Being, is the Living Right IN Omega her Power.

This means we all abide in the Power of Omega, in the Righteousness of Reflection. We all abide in the Principles of forming when the Detailed Identity is given form and when the Detailed Way of Life comes forth as Communion, or Mother. To Honour the physical Life as Light that is formed in Reflection, is Honouring the Purpose of Living and the Destiny of the Age of Aquarius. All Live to realise ONE Way and ONE Direction. The fact that this Direction is Reflected is the Power and Truth of OMEGA, the Power of the forming Principles that give Life Reality. Welcome the Power of OMEGA in the Alchemical Truth of Creativity. Welcome the Will to Reflect that makes All Life MORE and Active.

© Ascending All

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