Power of Logos

We give Opportunity to the Light of GOD to be born, by realising the Creative Action to Multiply. Multiplying the Light of GOD and the Order that is connected with this Light, is Honouring the Light to go forward and upward. Going upward is to make amends with the past and to step forward in the Light. It is to show thyself in the Principles of this Age and in the commanding Power of GOD’s Government and LAW. The Order connected with GOD’s Light is the Order of Government, which is expressed in LAW to make Life possible as an Ordered wholeness. The Wholeness of Life is truly Whole when Order is Honoured and Obeyed.

When Creating, the Order may seem lost and the Right to be Human may seem far away. Truth is that GOD’s Light is everywhere and therefore the Order is too. Being able to connect with the INNER of self and with the Order of INNER, is being able to find The Way of Order and to hear the Pulse of Aquarius. This Pulse is the Inspiration of NOW, the inspiration to come forth in the Light and Create an upward Spiral. The Spiralling Truth of Order is The Way of Ascension for All, a Way that makes Life MORE and that guarantees Future.

The Right to create is always Present. The Willingness to Honour the Light and to Obey the Ordered ONE of Governmental Power is a choice. A choice made in every single moment, until momentum is realised that gives Order an Opportunity to be constantly Present. Creative Will in RACE is the Will to that chooses to be Expression of Detail and of Wish. Creative Will is the power in which Future comes forth. You pave the Path for the next generation and many bumps are on the way. You pave the Path for the Ruby Stones to be Reality within Communion of the Emerald Stones. This means your Light is GOD given and your voice may spread in Life to be Present as the GOD given Word for All of Life and MORE.

Logos is the Power of Word, the Power of Prayer and Natural Language. Logos is a Way of Living that is given to you to Accelerate the Light of Aquarius in the Beginning of this Age. To make All Well and Alive IN White Fire. United with Order of LAW, Life is given GOOD and Full of Light to be Whole.

© Ascending All

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