Power of LAW

The Power of LAW is Ancient. It is given in the Eternity that LAW is and in the Order that functions Righteous in every Age. The Power of LAW is Ancient for Terra, because the first LAW or the Beginning of LAW is given in the Right of the Ancient of Days. He chose to create Terra and for that, Order was needed. Order functions as the Lines in which a form can be formed. The Ancient Original Power of Creativity asked for Order to give form to a planet. And so Terra was formed in the Lines of Order. A LAW for Terra was given to make Life Real and to give Light the Opportunity to be formed as Life.

In the Power of LAW is the Opportunity for Light to be Life. The Creative Wish and Will of Human RACE is able to form Life from Multiplication of Light, because LAW is Present in and on Terra. LAW is a Gift to the Human Creativity or for the Alchemical Truth of Human Being. Being an Alchemist, Being Creative in the Ordered Right to do so, is possible in the Gift of LAW. When Order is Present, One can create Alchemical and can fulfil the Destiny of one’s Wish and Light.

Multiplication of the Light forms Life. Multiplying Light makes Life MORE and is a Way in which Life can continue to BE and to develop. Eternity is formed by the Right to Multiply Light, by the Right of Creativity IN Human RACE. The LAW for Terra Orders Eternal Life. The LAW for Terra Orders Light so Life can be formed in the Eternal Right of Creativity. Creative Power Lives in the Lines of LAW, in the Origin of LAW. The Origin is Active in Beginning of Terra and the LAW is Ancient, because the Ancient ONE was the first who was Authorised to create IN Order, to create LAW in Order.

Life is Active in the Ordered Truth of Beginning of Terra. Life is Active in the Power of LAW that is Ancient and able to lift up Human RACE and planet Terra as one. In the Will to Create within Human RACE is The Way to fulfil LAW and to make Order Righteous as Life. Forming the Living Power of Order is Multiplying the Light in the Commanding Nature of LAW its Origin.

© Ascending All

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