Power of Iceland

The Power of Iceland is to bring Fire in Will and Air in your Heart. She gives Water in the Body and realises Earth as the beginning of NEW form. Fire, Air, Water and Earth in the Land of Ice and Fire bring Space in the Human Body and Mind, in the Human Will and Wish. Which gives All the Opportunity to seize this Space and realise ONE Self. ONE Self is able to Colour the world. ONE Self is Active to Awaken All and to make the Living Reality of ONE Way visible.

Iceland has received the wish of King and Queen to be able to materialise the Aquarian Age. An Age full of Wonders and Miracles, created in the Alchemical Reality of Creative Human Being. ONE Being realises Humanity. ONE Being Honours Nature and Lives with Nature to Accelerate the Light of Future and to make Space for the NEW to Blossom and rise. The Wish IN RACE is the Wish for All of Life. A Wish in which the Original Conception comes to pass as Life. In which the Living Nature of Human and Elements and Terra is Honoured and Alive.

Welcome the Power of Iceland in your travel. Welcome the Bliss that has been given to transform the Right of Body to be Human into the Right of Body to be Human Nature. All is given in the Command of LAW and all is given in the Light of Elohim to materialise Life. Rise in the Power of Iceland, in the Will to create NEW Life. Live the Wellness of Water and Honour the Light that comes in Sun and Moon.

© Ascending All

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