Pluto in System

Light gives Eternal Motion in the Direction of Sun and Reflection of Moon. Light IS The Way of Eternity when realised as Detailed Truth and when formed in the Direction of Aquarian Reign. Reigning Aquarian Power makes All go forth in the Living Energy of Sun, the Energy of ONE Way in Gift of Light. Welcoming the Right of Pluto to be Active in Solar System is Welcoming the Light and Reign of the Aquarian Rainbow, of the Aquarian Principles. In Pluto the Act of Aquarius takes place, manifesting the Aquarian Dream in its Matter. Making Pluto an Active part of System, integrates the Rainbow of Aquarius into Solar System and gives All Opportunity to be Active in Aquarian Right and Light.

Welcome the Aquarian Truth in Details, Welcome the manifestation of Detailed Eternity that is formed in the Will and Love of Human Being. Being able to create is being Able to Love and to realise ONE Future for All of mankind, for All of Solar System. Activate the Light of Aqua in the Atoms and Cells and start moving in ONE Direction!

© Ascending All

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