Pluto and Alchemy

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Pluto is Active to realise the form of Solar System as a form serving the Allness of Life within the Truth of Aquarius. The Alchemical Power of the Light in Pluto makes System MORE and gives Solar System the Destined Reality as ONE System. Orbiting around Sun and fulfilling the Light of Destiny in this way, adds Light to Light and gives Multiplication of Light in Right. Pluto receives the Right to be part of Solar System, to Multiply the Light from Sun and to make this MORE. Alchemy is the Truth of Multiplication and the Right to be Creative and Multiply. In Alchemy is the Power of Human Being, the Will to create and to do so in Service to All Life.

Serving All Life is making it MORE and giving the Detailed Constellation of Aquarius Opportunity to serve Details. Detailed Constellations of Atoms or Cells are created within the Principles of the Aquarian Constellation, the Aquarian ONE. Reality of Cosmos moves forward in Life and gives Light the Destined Reality it needs to become form. Within the Destiny of Light is the Gift of Life and the Gift of MORE Life. MORE Life is the Willingness to Accelerate, the Willingness Create Active Light in the formations of Life. ONE Design gives Life, ONE Design makes Living MORE and Active.

Welcome Pluto in the atomsphere and give Light IN Right in the Creative Wish and Will. Welcome the Wholeness of Solar System and realise Whole Service to Living in Detailed Truth.

© Ascending All

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