Original Creativity

Living the Original Right of Creativity is Living the Original Power of Will. This Will is Sealed in Blueprint and given to planet Terra and to Humanity. Within the Right and Order of White Fire, Blueprint is Active to manifest a Creativity IN Human RACE that has the Power to realise a Sealed Creation. This Sealed Creation is the form of Eternity and comes from the Will IN Human Being. Right to Create is Equal with the Will to Create. Right to Create is a Gift which enables Humanity to form Future, to form Detailed. The Original Way of Being Human is The Way in which the Will is given Freely to the Flame of Creativity, a Flame that comes from the Power of Creator. Wil IN Creativity Active, realises the Aquarian Tone in form and makes Aquarius Live. The Living NEW is the Living Truth of Origin.

As Humanity we are paving The Way for the next generations. We are response able in creating a Path of HOPE and in Multiplying the Light and the Order in White Fire. Multiplied White Fire is Space for more Details and for more Creation and Creativity. The more we are able to Multiply the Origin, the more space we create for the coming Generations and for the Living Truth of Human RACE. A Truth that makes Terra MORE and that enables Terra to be the Altar of Eternal Life with Venus. Space for Future is Space for Creativity. And therefore for the Geometrical Truth of Creation that is made in the hands of Human. Living upon Terra enables Human Being to form Geometrical, to form Geometry itself. Terra is the Active signet of Geometry. She is the Right of Geometry to Exist. Her physical body is Expression of Geometry and gives Human RACE Opportunity to Create and to Multiply. An Opportunity that makes Geometry Sacred.

A Geometrical Creation is the space for Details to be Creative. A Space for Details to Live, to Expand, to Express and to Multiply the Origin. Every Geometrical shape Honours the Origin and is The Way of Ruby that is an Expression of Terra her CORE. The Power of Creativity IN Human RACE resonates with the Power of Terra her CORE. In this Resonance is the Communion of Terra and Humanity. A Communion that enables RACE to CARE for Terra and to form her Body. A Sealed Body or Creation can be made in the Act of Multiplying White Fire, the CORE of Terra herself. ONE Way is the Original Way and Right. The Right to Create is ONE in Humanity and ONE in the Gift of Altar of Life.

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