Ordered learning

The Order in learning is the Order given in the Vision of Elohim and in the Design of planet Terra according to this Vision. Terra is Designed as a place for learning, as a HOME in which Growth and development is the reality of Eternal Motion. Terra is Designed as a Space for Human RACE in which RACE can Blossom by learning. To be able to hear the Teaching given in the Northern Flame, Human RACE must Live IN Order and IN Design. The Design of Terra that was made to create and form her, is manifested as the Powerful Truth now of Emerald Design. Emerald Design is the Ordered Truth Activated upon and IN Terra and functioning as a base for RACE. Within Ordered Truth, Humanity can receive Teaching and hear Teaching. Within Ordered Truth, Humanity will Root IN Terra to Grow as ONE and to Expand Consciousness and Awareness.

When expanding Consciousness and Awareness, Terra will Expand and Human RACE will Expand in the Blossom of its capacity and Ability. The Blossoming Ability of Human RACE is the Ability to learn. Because Nature of Humanity is learning, is applying Teaching and realising the Northern Flame within itself to come forth as ONE RACE and ONE Action. The ONE Action of Human RACE is to CARE for All Flames, to CARE for the Altar of Eternal Life that Terra is. IN Teaching, IN Order of Emerald Design, this is possible. The Natural possibilities and Opportunities will rise in the Mind of Humanity when the Northern Flame is heard and Honoured. In Honouring the Teaching of North, in Realising the Order within and in Rooting, Way of Teaching is Revealed and Destiny can Naturally be fulfilled in the Actions of ONE RACE.

ONE RACE that CAREs for the planet. ONE RACE that CAREs for the Truth of Altar. Being able to learn is Being able to form the Altar of Eternal Life for the Flames within Human RACE. Which means Humanity builds its HOME, builds the Right and Light of the Eternal Motion that gives All Flames a place in Cosmic Order. ONE Teaching is the Action of North in All. ONE Teaching is the Ordered Gift of learning for a RACE that Naturally asks for this Design. The Design in which RACE is able to learn and to manifest its Growth in the Reality of Cosmic Order and Way.

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