Ordered Cosmos Expands from HOPE

Creating Life in the Motion of Order and from White Fire Order, is forming Light and Right into the Truth of Living. Being Alive in the motion of Cosmic Order means to be Present in the moments of Eternity. Being Present means to have Opportunity to manifest yourself as form, to Create your Wish as form and to add yourself to Life. Living in NEW and making All Life NEW, is Creating within the Motion of Cosmos. IN this Motion is Inspiration, is Activity of ONE Way and Destiny. IN this motion is the Pulsating Power of Cosmos that Lives within Human RACE.

The pulsating Power of Cosmos is the Pulsating Truth of the Original Creator, of the Original Order. White Fire Order is the Origin of Life, the Origin that builds Life as such. The Order of the Origin is Alive in the Light of Elohim. When Elohim give Light to have Life formed in Human Creativity, the Original Order is Present within the Light. The Pulse of Cosmos Lives within the Light of Elohim. Forming Life with this Ordered Light, is making Cosmos MORE and realising the Expansion of All of Life. The Expansion in which NEW is reality and in which Details are Present.

Space is Cosmic Order. Space is the Natural base for Details to Live, to be Present. Multiplying The Way of Cosmic Order is Multiplying Ordered White Fire to realise Path of HOPE in the Age of Aquarius, on Terra. Path of HOPE is forming NEW Life from Ordered Light given by Elohim. Path of HOPE is the Activity of Light IN Order, given to be formed as Life by a Present Detail. Creative Power in Human RACE is the Gifted Truth of Being Human, the Gift in which Human Being is Present within the Ordered Cosmic Reality. Being IN Cosmos and on Terra is Being Creative to serve the Order of the Whole.  

© Ascending All

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